August Dulcimer Daze Schedule

Dulcimers, Dulcimers, Dulcimers!

2018 Detailed Workshop Schedule

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3:30-4:30 String Side Up

George Haggerty

#1 Beginner
Common Jam Tunes for Novice Players

Carolyn Brodginski

#7 Novice
Playing Duets and Ensembles

Jeff Furman

#15 Intermediate
Get Rhythm

Bing Futch

#23 Int/Adv

9:45-10:45 Let's Get Started I

George Haggerty

#2 Beginner
That Cool Left Hand
(Hammer Ons, Pull offs and Slides)
Sandy Lafleur

#8 Novice
Two Crooked Fiddle Tunes

Bing Futch

#16 Intermediate
Mountain Dulcimer Songs in Minor Tunings

Sally Rogers

#24 Int/Adv
Really Know Your Fretboard
(Part 1 of a 3 session class)
Susan Trump

#25 Int/Adv
11:00-12:00pm Let's Get Started II

Bonnie Leigh

#3 Beginner
Right Hand Techniques for Smoother Playing

Brian Geldziler

#9 Novice
Banjo Basics and Beyond

Howie Bursen

#30 Beg/Int Banjo
Embellishing Celtic Airs

Jeff Furman

#28 Advanced
Making Really Interesting Arrangements - Part 1
(Part 2 of a 3 session class)
Susan Trump

#26 Int/Adv
12:00-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-2:45 Workshop Leaders' Concert
3:00-4:00 Strumming Through Strumming

Bonnie Leigh
#4 Beginner
Christmas Songs in August

Carolyn Brodginski
#10 After Novice
Fickle Fingerings & Strange Voices

Sam Edelston
#17 Intermediate
Dark and Mysterious Tunes

Sandy Lafleur
#20 Intermediate
Picking Your Destiny

Bing Futch
#29 Advanced
4:15-5:15 Switching from DAA to DAD

Lori Keddell

#5 Beginner
Nimble Fingers

Ellen Pratt

#11 Novice/After Novice
Playing the Melody Across the Strings

Sandy Lafleur

#18 Intermediate
Country Music

Sam Edelston

#21 Intermediate

10:30-11:30 Basic Chords for Beginners

Lori Keddell

#6 Beginner
Songs of Dallas Cline

Bonnie Leigh

#12 Novice/After Novice
DAD Tricks to Make Your Repertoire Shine

Sally Rogers

#19 Intermediate
Making Really Interesting Arrangements - Part 2
(Part 3 of a 3 session class)
Susan Trump

#27 Int/Adv
11:45-12:45 Songs for 1, 2, 3 and More: the Joy of Singing Together

Sally Rogers

#31 All Levels
Lesser Known Jam Tunes

Ellen Pratt

#13 Novice/After Novice
Capo Capers

George Haggerty

#14 Novice/Intermediate
Expanding Your Old-Time Repertoire

Jeff Furman

#22 Int/Adv